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Hi says I find Kenny Crouch to be very knowledgeable with Google Adwords and often manages to finds solutions to problems around this exceptionally complicated area...



Thank you says Hi Ken.
Thank you very much indeed for the excellent information and the amount of time you have spent with me thus far. You certainly know how to win business. You are absolutely right, a quick fling and a quick buck don't work anymore, they may have done in the 80s but not now. I find that with my current business spending time with clients who are interested in the musical equipment I sell even though I have no idea whether they will spend any of their money with me just psending time with them forges a valuable relationship which at best they remember and use to come back to me and at worst they go and tell their friends.



Peter S Wilson says Dear Kenny
I am so lucky to have found you. You are so professional and attentive producing my website has been an absolute pleasure instead of the chore I had thought possible, I have two more projects in mind for you to undertake for me. I shall tell all my clients and business about your splendid service. More power to your elbow, Sir.
Yours sincerely,



Mike Thompson says > Mike Thompson says I was having problems negotiating my way around the Google Adwords and Keywords jungle to try to promote my website. I approached Mr Ken Crouch and explained my problem to him only to expect the same old sales gimmicks of you need this, that and the other and it's going to cost you an arm and a leg scenario. It DID NOT even cost nearly a little toe then hey presto....you enter my chosen keywords and there it is...my website at the pole number one position after just a few days. Well if he can do it for me. I am sure he can do the same for you..well worth the money...... Kindest regards,
Mike Thompson



David. C. Cadden says To whom it may concern............. After spending many years looking after my own Google ad words campaign and wasting an enormous amount of money, I decided to take a look on Google for an ad words management company. Luckily I found www.adwordsmanagement.co.uk This is probably the best thing that's happened to me for a while, because the results and improvements were almost immediate. I am also very impressed with the way this company keeps in touch on a daily basis. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this company to anybody. I am also very impressed that there are no contracts involved, which of course means that one has nothing to lose.



Joseph Shuttle says Kenís knowledge of Adwords is incredible and has made such a difference to our business. I am very experienced myself, but Ken is just so on the boil with the latest additions that Google are always making. His advice has proved the difference between an average month and a great month!! Iíd recommend his services to friends starting out in online retail, as well as all the internet savvy people Iíve met so far myself.
Joseph Shuttle



Michael says Adwordsmanagementuk.co.uk have been managing my Google adwords account for the past 3 months. Over this time I have seen my website orders increase substantially. I would recommend Ken and the team to anyone looking to generate more sales via their website. Thanks



Kally says After being swallowed up with google for so long ive found a solution ADWORDS MANAGEMENT. Thank you kenny for taking over my account, I was surprised at the speed of results and have seen a dramatic increase in my monthly income. Kenny is both fast and professional and always stays in contact to discuss what should be done next to improve my site. He has advised on how to make my site quick and easy for shoppers. I would highly recommend adwords management to all websites for there next step online.. thanks kally



Jackie Dyer says I found Ken on the internet and asked him to sort out and take over my Google adwords. Since he has taken it over a month ago my enquiries have doubled!!! He has always been there anytime I have emailed with questions or queries no matter what time or day or night. I am looking forward to the future getting loads more enquiries for the business and he is on my account every day tweaking it and making it work well for my business.


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